Shopping for trouble

Jim: Why the scowl on face?Eva: I’m just having a bad day. Oh god…nothing seems to be going my way since morning.Jim: Come on, take a break. Let’s go shopping and grab some coffee at the cafe on the way. It could help play you down. Eva:  Ah…seems like a plan, let’s go. Let me get […]

It’s all in the mind!

You’re walking down a grocery aisle, looking for a particular item. All around, you see items that are colourful variations of similar products, all clamoring for your attention – but you have to choose amongst the plethora of choices given. How do you select what you want out of a stack of similar commodities having […]

Bad day, not bad life.

“Suicide,” goes the popular expression, “is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” While the question, “Is suicide ever a rational choice?” comes up frequently.The ethical question boils down to this:     Is this state of despair, temporary or permanent? There can be times when suicide is rational- a decision made under free will, in […]

Fancy a doughnut

One can’t walk away from economics because it frames the world we inhabit. ‘It’s the common language spoken by all the public policy, rationale for multi-billion-dollar investments, tools used to tackle global poverty and manage our planetary home’.For over half a century, economists have fixated on GDP as the first measure of economic progress, while […]

Would You Date an Economist?

Would you ever date an economist?A quick google search would be sufficient to throw out an array of jokes that would for sure tickle your funny bone. If you indeed are in a dilemma as to whether you should pursue an economist, be prepared that an economist is highly unlikely to resist applying professionally learned […]

Theory of relativity

Are we humans really rational thinkers? Don’t you think we cling on to the first piece of information we encounter and make relations to further arguments and discussions? With corona virus around, to compare the count of affected countries, we blindly look at the active cases. For example, India having 276,685 active Covid-19 cases is […]